Team Building Exercise

Here at BRC-Littleton, we love our Saturday morning meetings.  We usually start the morning with a meeting on new things in the store and follow it up with some team building game.  One’s we have done in the past include but are not limited to: being handed a shoe, blindfolded and you have to guess what shoe it is; wearing a name of a shoe on your head and asking three questions to figure out the shoe; or today, an obstacle course.

The obstacle course was both mentally and physically challenging.  The group was split into teams of three, and each person manned an element of the course.  The first element was a tunnel of benches.  The second element was a balloon that had to be carried on a spoon across the store.  The third element was the kicker.  You had to put on a Brooks Space suit, or BRC singlet/ runder-wear combo, crab walk a large circle, and push a chair across the store.

The game was intense but definitely a success!  Until next week, the adventure of Saturday team building will continue.

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