Tony’s Run Every Saturday

Our biggest run of the week is definitely our Tony’s Market run.  Runners numbering from 30-90 meet every saturday of the year @ 7:30 am.  They meet at Tony’s market, often times with vendor demos, but always with lots of raffle items.  From there, the group runs the route around Clement park to the water station just outside the store.  Some then immediately return to Tony’s for 2.8 miles round trip.  Others though, continue around the park to get longer mileage in.  Everyone is welcome: runners, walkers, dog walkers and children.  Upon returning to Tony’s, everyone is greeted with dollar burritos and coffee. After ten runs, everyone gets a free shirt.  After 100 runs, you get a very cool red shirt.  Kids receive a special prize once their mileage reaches 26.2, along with a marathon finish line to run through.  Every week, you can look forward to Tony’s for a great time!  This past weekend, Tony’s matched Nella’s photo with a “What dis he say?”  See you all next week!

Photo Dump 11-11-13 921-1

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