Magnolia Road

Starting at end of the pavement just before the 5 mile road marker, this route is a hilly, high-altitude out-and-back on the famous Magnolia Road.


Starting at 8,235 feet, this run is not for the faint of heart. For decades, Magnolia Road has seen some of the best runners in the world test themselves on this hilly run. First made famous by the book Running With the Buffaloes, “Mags”  is the perfect training ground to test your limits. With multiple climbs at high altitudes on a soft dirt road, you’ll be sure to get in a good run.


The run starts with a 135-foot drop within the first .9 miles, but don’t be fooled, you’ll have to climb it at the end of the run. The initial descent is met immediately by an ascent of similar proportions. From here, the run gradually climbs upwards, with three distant climbs on the way out. If you can survive the first 6 miles, you’ll get to enjoy some smoother terrain, as the middle of the run levels off a bit.




The run hits the turn-around point at the Peak-to-Peak Highway, just to the south of Nederland where you’ll top off at 8,675 feet. You’ll have mountainous views of snowcapped  mountains not too far away, before heading back east on Mags. The return route is a bit easier, as you’ll have more downhills then uphills. You’ll drop nearly 500 feet from miles 9-14, but remember to save something for that final 135-foot climb in the last mile. The run ends back at the start, at the end of the dirt road.





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