How To Turkey Trot In The Cold, Miami Edition

by: Ali & Coston Perkins

The Miami Turkey Trot is predicted to have crisp temperature of 58°F. This is your guide to how our hot Miami bodies can thrive in this perfect running weather.


How to deal:

Here in MIA, we are not used to cooler weather.  Heck, I wear sweaters and jackets when it hits below 72 degrees.  However, for running, cooler weather releases stress on the body and will help you to hit a great PR during a race.  In fact, any temperature above 60 degrees Fahrenheit will affect race times negatively.  For a runner who keeps a 7:24 min/mile pace in the 5K, pace slows 3-4 seconds per mile for every 5 degrees over 60 Fahrenheit! That may not seem like much, but it means that at 85 degrees (typical Miami weather), you are running a 24:54 5K.  That is almost a minute slower! (’sTrainingTipsJune2011.pdf).


Not the best footwear, but definitely fast.


Wear long sleeves and pants before the warm up. The Turkey Trot is a large event, and you don’t want to frighten the crowd with your violent shivers at the race day packet pickup. Break out the track suit!


Nothing says “cool” like a warm-up track suit.

Warm up:

Ok, a key to racing well is a good warm up.  In Miami, a warm up usually consists of getting out of the air-conditioned car.  However, with the blustery incoming weather, it is essential to get in a good 20 minute easy run right before the start.  Jog–yes, I said jog–nice and easy around the course.  Do a couple 10-20 second strides before you head to the line.  This will help prep your body to start off fast and strong.


Pros jog at a 6:30 min/mile…but they still jog!

The Race:

You’re warmed up. Ready to go. 3-2-1 GO! During the race, it is essential to keep running to avoid frost bite.  Keeping a cadence of 180 steps per minute (both feet!) will ensure that the blood keeps flowing and you cross the finish line like a champ! A frequent problem for cold-weather runners is the dreaded over production of nasal fluids, better known as snot.  Within the running community, the snot rocket is an accepted method of mucus removal, but please, be sure to check over your shoulder before you shoot.  Nothing that will spoil a Turkey Trot faster than a new friend’s snot all over your warm weather running gear.


Excellent form!

The Finish:

Do a quick wipe of the nose and mouth before you cross the finish.  Snotty face equals gross photo.  Hold your head high, smile (if your cheeks are frozen over, a grimace will suffice), and don’t worry about stopping your watch till you pass the second timing pad.  You worked too hard and ran too fast to have a sad, face down, hand fumbling over your watch finish photo!


A most epic finish photo.

Post-Race Party:

Indulge! Warm up with some post race food and spirits.  St. Bernard’s know best that  a lil’ beverage will warm up even the coldest post-5K runner.  If spirits aren’t your thing, find a family member, loved one, or friend to cuddle up with. Hey, you may even make new friends with that poor soul you snotted on at mile 2. Enjoy yourself! The rest of the day will be filled with cooking stress, crazy uncles, and turkey-stealing dogs.


Group hug!

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  1. Christie says

    After running in Boston last year, my secret is WOOL Socks!! Warm feet is all that matters. Come pick up a pair today at Florida running company!!

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