Race Recap: Reason to Run 5K 2013 by Ali Perkins

IMG_6979Today Coston paced me through the Reason to Run 5K, benefiting CancerFree KIDS, Pediatric Cancer Research Alliance.  This was the first time I have been paced through a run and I was definitely worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up! The race started with the vocal stylings of the Good Blend Barbershop Quartet, who sang an amazing version of the Star Spangled Banner.

IMG_2101At the start line we saw the huge group of runners from Team In Training, who were finishing a 10-mile run with a 5K race! Those runners are tough! The first mile felt pretty good.  The second mile was the worst, which Coston assures me is how it should be! The last mile felt great, mostly because I knew I was almost there! I didn’t look at my watch the whole time, so I had no idea how I was faring.  We crossed the line and I was hoping to see 22:45.  Imagine my surprise when I saw 22:14!

IMG_3541Coston did a great job pacing and helping me stay motivated.  The post race party was held at the stunning Deering Estate.  It was a beautiful way to cap off an excellent race!!


The view from the Deering Estate


-Ali Perkins

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