RUNTHISTOWN: Thursday Preview, December 12th, 2013

Thursday Preview

Tonights run will be an easy run of 30 minutes. After the run we are going to go over the importance of recovery for the body.


The Run

We will be going for our 30 minute run starting at Florida Running Company. This run will be an at your own pace run.

Every one will be expected to be recovering during this run to allow the body to be stressed during the next workout.

We will call this a FUN RUN!



We will be doing a stretching routine that should be used after all runs to lengthen out the muscles.

here is a list of what we use:

-Body Hangs

-Side Lunge

-Quad Stretch

-Cross Over For IT Band

-Trunk Twist

-Arm Cross Overs

-Calf Stretch

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Recovery Clinic

After we get all stretched out we are going to talk about the importance of recovery. Also we will go over some of the common misconceptions about recovery vs days off after hard workouts or races. The goal is to have everyone leave with a better understanding of what a recovery run is and why it is important to training for all levels of runners.

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We are looking forward to a nice run tonight and some good information to take home. One main goal of running is to work hard to be the best you can be!

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