RUNTHISTOWN: Tuesday Preview, December 10th, 2013

 Tuesday Night Preview!

The Run This Town Training Team will be doing a strength based work tonight. We will have three main components to the workout tonight.

Phase 1: Light Run

The group will leave Florida Running Company and run down to Peacock Park.

Starting and finishing at the park, we will run a 10 minute warm up.

blog pic

Phase 2: The Femur Circuit

Tonight we will be doing a circuit that really gets those legs burning!

The Femur Circuit is a timed circuit so the goal is to complete as many as you can in the allotted interval.

-Jumping Jacks

-Mounting Climbers

-Speed Skaters

-Push Ups

-Body Weight Squats

Each exercise will be 1 minute long. Between sets we will run an easy 5 minutes, then right back for round two of the Femur Circuit.




 Phase 3: Cool Down Run!

After the Femur Circuit we will do a nice easy 10 minute run to shake out those legs!





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