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Product of the Week


Product of the Week:  Body Glide Body Glide is one of the top products to prevent blistering, chafing, and general running unhappiness/discomfort.  It is great for hot spots on your feet, or any seams that cause  friction on your new shorts or tops.  It is similar to Vaseline, but won’t crack from water or sweat, […]

2/26 Group Run Recap

Fun at Good Stuff with Asics

Special thanks for Asics for coming out and making our Wednesday Group Run extra awesome yesterday.  Asics brought out t-shirts, test shoes, and even joined us at Good Stuff Eatery for some post run french fries and milkshakes.  Our group runs are every Wednesday at 6pm and are open to all comers, all ability groups. […]

Brooks Transcend Launch Postponed

Brooks Transcend Launch Postponed

With more snow on the way for tonight and for tomorrow morning, plus our desire to have nobody break their necks testing out some new shoes, we’re postponing our Brooks Transcend Launch Party from tomorrow at 8:30am to next Saturday, February 22nd at the same time. Otherwise, everything will be the same as scheduled, run at […]