Happy Turkey Day!

Turkey Trot 2

Hopefully you’ll all be getting out there for at least some kind of run tomorrow morning. Getting some miles in Turkey Trotbefore stuffing your face at least means you did something productive over the course of the day! Plus, believe it or not, since I know some of you might have an adult beverage or two tonight, running can be a great way to cure that hangover (I have no idea personally, of course, that’s just what I’ve heard).

And there’s plenty of local Turkey Trots in the area, depending on where you live. There’s the Turkey Chase in Bethesda, now in it’s 31st year, and the Trot for Hunger in NW D.C., and I’m sure plenty more. It’s definitely something worth checking out, I’ve never not enjoyed myself at a Turkey Trot. And it just puts me at ease as I go for my 3rd helping of stuffing.

So hopefully you have a great Thanksgiving with your friends and family, and we’ll see you at this store this weekend!

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