New Track Spikes for 2013

184583_515756108486464_1451492944_n-e1377631523176For many high school athletes, now that cross country season has come to a close, it’s time to start thinking about track and getting a new pair of track spikes.  Here at Chevy Chase, we have you covered with multiple options for all events. Whether you are a 100m speed deamon a miler or beyond, you can find the perfect spike to help you dominate come race day. Let’s run through some of the options:


  • Spitfire 2: The Spitfire 2 is Saucony’s value-oriented sprint spike. At $65, it has a lot of tech for the price. Featuring a 1/3 length, 7-pin spike plate, the Spitfire is a great option for the entry level athlete in events from 100m-400m.
  • Velocity 5: The Velocity is another entry-level model from Saucony in tended for just about any distance from 400m-5000m and even some jumping events. It features a foam wedge on the heel in case form breaks down in the later laps and a lightweight mesh upper. It retails for $60
  • Endorphin MD: The Edorphin is Saucony’s elite-level distance spike. This spike blends the perfect amount of flexibility and rigidity with a plastic spine that runs from the spike plate all the way through the midfoot and into the heel. When you need to kick, this shoe responds! The upper is a combination for ultra-lightweight mesh and FlexFilm and as a result, the Endorphin weighs in at a miniscule 3.2oz, making it the lightest mid-distance spike on the market! The Endorphin retails for $100 and is intended for distances from 800m-5000m
  • Endorphin LD: The Endorphin LD builds on the legacy of the MD. With a barely-there FlexFilm upper and a minimal, 4-pin spike plate, the LD is built to disappear on your foot as the laps tick by. At 2.8oz, this is the lightest spike on the market period. The Endorphin LD retails for $100 and is inteded for distances from 1500m-10,000m
  • All Saucony models are available in Men’s and Women’s sizes and colors.


  • Zoom Rival S 7: The Nike Zoom Rival series has been a go-to line of performance shoes for entry-level athletes for years and this season, Nike adds new technology and colors to give the shoes a fresh look. The Rival S is a semi-rigid sprint spike featuring Flywire technology to lock down the foot at high speeds. The Rival S retails for $65 and is inteded for distances from 100m-400m.
  • Zoom Rival MD 7: The MD 7 is Nike’s mid-distance option for track. It has a lightweight mesh upper and a higher to-spring than its short-distance cousin, the Rival S. The MD retails for $65, is intended for distances from 800m-1500m and is available in women’s sizes only.
  • Zoom Rival D 8: Rounding out the Rival collection is the Rival D. This spike is very reminicent of some of Nike’s road-racing flats and features a similar soft mesh upper and a foam midole for comfort. Up front, it features a minimal 6-pin spike plate for aggressive traction. The Rival D retails for $65, is inteded for distances from 400m-5000m and is available in men’s sizes only.
  • Zoom Victory 2: The zoom victory is Nike’s signature track spike and is worn by some of the fastest men and women in the world. If you’re looking for a performance distance spike, look no further. Everything about this spike is designed to save weight. From the synthetic upper to the ultra-light spike plate, this shoe is all about being light and fast and at just 3.7oz, it does just that. The Victory 2 retails for $120, is intended for distances from 800m-5000m and is a unisex sized shoe. Women will want to size down 1.5 sizes from your standard running shoe size.


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