Product of the Week

Product of the Week:  Body Glide

Body Glide is one of the top products to prevent blistering, chafing, and general running unhappiness/discomfort.  It is great for hot spots on your feet, or any seams that cause  friction on your new shorts or tops.  It is similar to Vaseline, but won’t crack from water or sweat, making it an ideal product for triathletes as well.

Top Uses for Body Glide:

1. Hot Spots or blisters on the feet, works very well to prevent additional blistering.  Always a good idea to put it on before the socks before your next long run.

2. Chafing from new apparel or any discomfort spots due to warm weather running/extra sweating in even your favorite running outfits.

3. For those die hard cold weather runners a thin layer on the face can even help prevent wind burn from our cold windy weather.

In short here at Georgetown Running Company we love body glide, it can definitely help all levels of runners.

Body glide Regular and for her pictured below.  For Her is better for sensitive spots and is slightly more gentle formula wise then regular Body Glide.


Happy Running and see you soon at Georgetown Running Company – Chevy Chase!


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