Welcome to Chevy Chase

Hi! This is our first post on this new blog format. Our goal is to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what we get excited about here at the Chevy Chase Running Company!

For those that are not familiar with what we do, we offer a full gait-analysis shoe fitting process that includes watching customers walk without shoes across the floor and with shoes on the treadmill to determine biomechanics and find the best fitting shoe.

We have two group runs during the week; one on Tuesday nights and one on Thursday nights. Both runs are at 7:00pm and are about 6 miles in length. During the summer, we will do an out-and-back on the Capital Crescent trail but when it starts to get dark earlier we will change the route. We try and do at least one happy hour per month and at least one special event where we bring in a vendor with trial shoes for runners to try free during the run. We hope you’ll join us!

There  will be plenty more to come about our staff, local races, (we’re sponsoring Ellen’s Run this weekend in Chevy Chase! http://www.ellensrunonline.org/) and other info on new products and training tips and tricks.

Check back with us soon!

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