Featured Product: Garmin Forerunner 620

Forerunner 620At Georgetown Running Company, we recognize that even the most dedicated athlete can sometimes need a little push to help keep him honest and get the most out of every workout.  Now, we also know that not everybody can afford private coaching.  That’s why this week, we couldn’t be happier to present to you the very next best thing, the Garmin FR620.  These products bring you a remarkably cost-efficient way to have a coach with you on every workout – and then some!  With a remarkable array of features, the Garmin 620, weighing in at a mere 44g, the FR620 has every feature you could want from a running watch.  Not only does this juggernaut of functionality calculate pace, distance, heart rate, and calories, the HRT strap system allows the athlete to calculate vertical oscillation, ground contact time, and cadence.  On top of that, Garmin isn’t shy about letting YOU be in control of your training experience, allowing for full manipulation of training data.  Come on in to Georgetown Running Company and see the best technology money can buy!

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