Featured Product: The Newton Gravity

Newton GravityGeorgetown Running Company prides itself on being a running specialty store which not only offers its customers a broad selection of the latest and greatest traditional mid cushion, high cushion, hybrid, lightweight, and racing shoes on the market. We also give our customers the complete package by providing the right kind of shoe for every kind of runner, to include those who value the importance of maximizing efficiency without sacrificing protection.  That’s why, this week, we’re happy to highlight the Gravity, the bread-and-butter model of the Newton line.  While, indeed, the Gravity is a highly responsive powerhouse, perfect for speed training and tempo runs, the Gravity also has enough cushion built in beneath the midfoot to keep you well protected as you blast your way through the miles at the peak of biomechanical efficiency.  And don’t let the design scare you!  No matter your skill or fitness level, every athlete can potentially benefit from the biomechanical perks that Newtons have to offer.  Come into Georgetown Running Company today, so we can have a discussion about your footwear needs, training goals, and what help we can provide along the way!

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