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This weekend has two big and popular marathons and half marathons.  In DC we have the always popular DC Rock’n’Roll Marathon and Half Marathon, and we have certainly helped a number of people in the last few months that have been preparing for that.  In Virginia Beach, VA there is the ever festive Shamrock Marathon and Half Marathon, a popular option for those who want to travel and run/tour a new city.

shamrock vb

With that in mind here at Georgetown Running Company we would like to give a couple helpful race day tips for all runners, be it newbies or veterans:

1. Plan ahead.  –   Always give yourself plenty of time race morning.  This could mean pinning the number on the night before, as well as getting to the race early.  Getting there early means you could be near the front of the line for the bathroom, which lets face it is always a good thing and there is always a line.

2.  Its normal to be nervous pre-race.  Those butterflies will go away and this whole week you are probably feeling a little antsy.  Don’t worry its just a little taper madness everything is going to be fine. Get rest and make sure you are ready for race day morning.  This isn’t the time to change any running routines you’ve had through a whole training process.  Also not the time to try all new running clothes for the race, use clothes you are comfortable in and have run in before.

3.  The most important tip to remember — have fun!  These things are supposed to be fun, you are going to have people out there with you and plenty of loud cheer sections.  You busted your butt for months to get here, now its time to enjoy all the hard work and the pay off.

Good to luck to everything doing either race and any distance this weekend!  If you find yourself lacking anything come on by or if you simply just need some friendly running advice, we’re here to help!


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