Running in a Winter Wonderland

running dogLet’s face it.  Sometimes the weather we’re given isn’t exactly ‘ideal’, but that doesn’t mean that you should enjoy your run any less.  In fact, cold-weather running adds a whole new dimension to you training that you just don’t get any other time of year.  Let’s ask Georgetown Running Company superstar Beth, “Why do you love running in the winter so much?”

     “My alarm goes off for my morning run and I slowly turn over and check the weather on my phone to find that it is a pleasant temperature of 20˚F with a wind chill of 8˚F.  I am not sure what gets my out of bed and dressed to fight the cold on my run but it happens, and before I know it I am out the door into the first mile of the run.  The skies are gray, the wind is making my eyes water, I can’t feel my feet (even though I am wearing two pairs of socks), and I suddenly ask myself why am I doing this?  Well, over the course of the run many reasons of why I love running in the winter came to me.  First, the crisp air really does wake me up and rejuvenate me.  It’s also really only the first mile or so that I can’t feel my feet.  The run helps clear my mind and start my day off right.  But the best part of my run in the winter comes at the end when I get back and enjoy a warm bowl of oatmeal accompanied by a mug of hot chocolate. “

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