Upcoming April Events!

ResizedImage_1395864755953 As our remodel continues, we still keep rocking on the events and bringing good times to be had by all.  April is here and thankfully so is spring.  Like everyone in the DC Metro area, we are sick of cold weather, bring on the sunshine.  With that sunshine comes awesome running weather for many of our events that we have coming up.  On to the planned special events:

April 9th @ 6pm – Join Asics for our Wednesday Fun Run!  All ability groups welcome, runs can include DC’s finest tour of the monuments and riverfront, Asics test shoes, possible freebies, and as always a nice cool down at Good Stuff Eatery (fries included)!

April 12th @ 9am – Join Nike for our blossoming Saturday Morning Run.  There will be test shoes, a fun atmosphere, swag, as well as water/Nuun provided.  The more the merrier and everyone is welcome!

April 23rd @ 6pm – Brooks is coming out to take our Wednesday Group run to the next level.  If you’ve ever wanted to test drive a sweet pair of Brooks before buying this is the time to come on out.  As always all ages/ability groups welcome and a trip to Good Stuff counts as the cool down.  Come out and enjoy the monuments as the sun starts going down!

As always we still have Group Runs every Wednesday at 6pm.  We run along the waterfront towards the monuments and make it possible for all ability groups to join us.  If you are new to running in DC, or just want to meet more people come on out.  To keep up to date with all of our events and to monitor our remodel progress (getting excited about it already), follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/GeorgetownRunningCompany .


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