Arriving This Saturday 2/1…

Transcend #1Transcend #1

This Saturday we will be launching the arrival of Brooks Running newest shoe with the Transcend. The Transcend is a new arrival to their line and is the Cadillac of running shoes. Perfect for most any gait, the Transcend integrates some of the most innovative technologies to date.

Transcend #2

First, we have a new cushioning system to Brooks that is called Super DNA. This new technology delivers more adaptable cushioning providing 25% more cushioning than Brooks’ BioMoGo system. Secondly, within Super DNA, we have Ideal Pressure Zones that will distribute pressure evenly through the heel, midfoot, and forefoot. But it doesn’t stop there; Brooks is changing the way we look at running shoes by incorporating guide rails around the perimeter of the shoes. Basically what these do is allow your hips, knees, and joints to move within their unique motion path while you run, without using traditional posts. This is why the Transcend is perfect for near every gait.

Transcend #3

So come in and try on a pair this Saturday and explore plush new worlds. And remember to run happy!

Transcend #4Transcend #4 Transcend #4 Transcend #4

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