Essential Winter Running Apparel: Craft Be Active Extreme Baselayer

Left Men’s, Right Women’s

One of our newest arrivals this season in Andover is Craft performance apparel which we are very excited about. I had a chance to take one of their baselayer pieces for a test run this weekend and I was blown away! I really didn’t know much about the piece, other than the fact it left me feeling amazing from start to finish, so, I decided to do some research into the baselayer and find out why it kept my body at the optimal temperature without weighing me down.

The piece itself is meant for a cool to cold environment where you will be doing a high intensity activity, i.e. running, cycling, skiing, etc. Now, the composition of the piece is different on the inside than it is on the outside. Inside you have a channeled polyester cooling fiber which creates an evaporative cooling effect. This essentially cools you down by evaporating the moisture it pulls from your body quicker than most other fibers. The external side of the piece is knit with a hollow core fiber, like a straw, which will trap in the body heat you generate, giving you a nice insulation layer.

Now the fit: the entire piece is lycra free so it will not give you that uncomfortable compressive feel but instead feel like a second skin. Now you may ask yourself, “If it is lycra free, how does it stretch?” The fabric itself has a mechanical knit that will allow you to stretch it 300% and it will not wear out.

Best part about the piece… IT IS DURABLE! We all want our running cloths to last us and the Be Active Extreme Baselayer will do just that. Wash it hot and throw it in the dryer, you will have this piece for many winters to come.

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