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Michael’s Running Term of the Day: Fartlek


A Swedish for “speed play;” in the most basic sense, a fartlek workout is one where you combine continuous running with interval work.  A fartlek workout can be as simple as starting a run out at your easy pace, then picking up to your 5K pace for the length between 2 telephone poles, then dropping […]

Michael and Carrie Compete at Hartford!

Michael Robertson

Two GBRC Andover employees, Michael Robertson and Carrie Wheeler, ran the Hartford 1/2 Marathon and Marathon earlier this morning. Michael ran a PR of 1:43:21 in the 1/2 after having run 1:44:09 last weekend at Smuttynose and Carrie ran 4:13:21 in the full after having run 3:42:42 and setting a 13 minute PR last weekend at […]