Train Your Brain – GBRC Andover’s New Lending Library

We know you like to run. We know you like to talk about running. You may even listen to podcasts about running. But, how many of you read about running? Well, to make things easier for you to do just that, we here at GBRC-Andover have started a little library of running books for your enjoyment. The procedure for taking out a book is simple:

1. Find a book you like.

2. Tell someone in the store “Hey, I like this book, I’m going to borrow it!”

3. Read the book at your convenience.

4. Bring it back to the store so the next person can repeat the experience.

Included in our current collection, subject to availability, are: Bowerman and the Men of Oregon, Duel In The Sun, Marathon Woman, Running For The Hansons (you can read Michael’s review here) and The Perfect Distance.

So, go ahead, take out a book and become the most running-literate runner in your running club. If you have some running books of your own you’d like to share with the community, bring ’em on in and we’ll add them to the collection!


Duel In The Sun BookRunning For The Hansons BookBowerman Book

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