Why Wool?

These days, you might see a lot of running stores carrying wool apparel items and accessories. As strange as it may sound, wool is basically nature’s most advanced moisture wicking fiber. Before the days of Nike’s Dri-Fit, North Face’s Flash Dry, or New Balance’s Lightning Dry, the runners of old who knew cotton was rotten were wearing wool. Nowadays, wool is on a comeback and it still holds the title of one of the advanced fibers when it comes to moisture management.

One reason why wool is king would be its ability to handle moisture in a wicking fashion that will keep you cool and dry. When we introduce people to wool for the first time, the first thing they say is, “But isn’t it too warm?” Initially, yes, wool is a fiber that retains heat very well. The thing that a lot of people don’t appreciate is that as wool starts to become wet with sweat and moisture, it will actually regulate your body temperature at its ideal point, keeping you both cool and dry.

Winter running is tough for us as runners because not only are we dealing with below freezing temperatures but some of you may notice, laundry goes through the roof! Well here is a little trick that might entice you to pick up you first woolen piece. Wool doesn’t smell! That’s right, because wool is a natural fiber, it won’t hold on to stink that same way that cotton (ew!) or even synthetic apparel pieces. So don’t be afraid about just letting the piece dry by air after and run and donning it the next day because no one, including yourself, will know the difference!

Lastly, its comfortable! Try on the North Face Isotherm Long Sleeve or a pair of Feetures Elite Merino socks and you will feel the difference. Now you should be asking yourself, “Wool… why not?”

TNF Isotherm LSFeetures Wool

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