Compression 101

Have you ever wondered what those long, goofy looking, knee high socks are that you see people running down the street in?

The answer is compression socks. You may then ask, “What is the point of compression socks when running? Aren’t those for old people?” This is not the case.

Compression, first and foremost, promotes blood flow. This is important for runners because more blood flow means quicker recovery. Quicker recovery means you don’t have to take a day or two off after a hard, long run. Not having to take a day off means you start running more. And when you start running more, you start to get faster!

Pesky shin splints got you down? Compression will reduce the muscle vibration that causes discomfort which will lead to a pain free run. Now there are all sorts of brands out there and various forms of compression which often times might lead to further confusion.

Here at GBRC Andover, our favorite brand of compression is a company called 2XU. 2XU makes everything from socks to sleeves to tights and shirts!

“Now why would I want a sleeve instead of a sock?” The answer is simple, you love the running socks you have and cannot imagine a run without them. Sleeves will not force you out of your favorite running sock.

“But why would I want a tight?” You know that amazing feeling you have when you put your compression socks on; now imagine that on your whole leg! Ahhhh… Either way compression is here to help and can only result in improved performance. Not sold yet? just try a pair on and feel the awesome. We dare you. 2XU

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