Fuel Your Fire Friday: What to Eat During Your Run

For your average run, taking in food is not necessary.  For runs or any type of physical activity lasting longer than an hour, it is good to drink water and replinish your carbohydrates. 

Here are a few ideas of what you can take on your next long run:

  • Sports drinks that contain carbohydrate and electrolytes, while avoiding ingredients that may slow digestion.
  • Easily digested carbohydrate-rich foods during endurance events, for example, banana, bread or roll with jam or honey, sports foods (gels, gummy chews), or bite-sized pieces of low-fat granola or sports bars.
  • Fluids consumed with carbohydrate gels or carbohydrate-rich foods to speed fuel transport to muscles.

It is always best to practice using these things in training before showing up for race day to avoid and unfavorable side effects.

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