Gait Analysis – the GBRC Difference

Want to know what sets GBRC apart when it comes to fitting you for the perfect running shoe?

Asics Run

First, we ask questions. What type of shoes do you wear now? What kind of activities are you participating in? Do you have any aches, pains, or injury issues?  What does your current training look like and what are your goals?

Then, we look at your feet and arches. We’ll fit you in a pair of neutral shoes,  cushioned and comfy shoes that don’t have added arch support and will allow us to see your body’s natural biomechanics at work. On our treadmill, you’ll walk or run slowly for 10-30 seconds while a video camera records your feet. We’ll play it back in slow motion and look for signs of over-pronation, supination, or signs of misalignment. Based on what we see and what you’ve told us, we’ll select more shoes for you try on from the category we think will be most appropriate for you. For example, if we see some moderate to severe over-pronation (excessive ankle rolling inwards) we’ll introduce shoes with stability and/or inserts to see if we can get your stride back into alignment. In every shoe you try on, we can fire up the treadmill analysis to be certain that we find you the best-fitting shoe that both supports your body and feels the best.

Gait analysis is always free.  No appointment necessary!

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