Boston Marathon…1 year ago today

I’ve been sitting here for a good 10 minutes staring at my blank computer screen not sure what to say about today. Obviously something has to be said but what…how do you put the last 365 days into words? Perhaps the same way other people have been doing and leaving shoes, bibs, clothes, etc at memorials around Boston.

In the last year, Boston Strong has taken on a whole new meaning-each one of us is Boston Strong. Whether you were affected yourself, a family member was,¬†friend or if you’re just a runner and you can imagine how the people there were feeling.

There’s an exhibit that’s going through til May 11th¬† at the Boston Public Library that has items that were left at the memorials last year. I haven’t gone yet but I really want to.

I posted a few links for last Thursday’s Motivional Quote Thursdays for updates on some of the surviors and I’m posting them again today. We are Boston Strong, we’re not letting last year change how we run.

Incrediable Portraits


Keeping it short and simple cause, for once, I’m speechless,




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