Chilly Half Marathon-My First Half in Review

It’s your favorite GBRC-Hingham store manager again! This time, with a little review on my first half that I ran on Sunday, November 10th 2013.

I had no idea what to expect last Sunday at my first half Marathon-the Chilly Half in Newton.  I had felt a little let down after the packet pickup so I was worried I’d feel let down or that I may have built the race up too much in my mind when I was done. But luckily that was not the case!

Going into the race, I was nervous with all the regular morning before race nerves but I was also worried my boyfriend wouldn’t be able to run it or he would but he wouldn’t tell me how much pain he was in until after (he pulled something in his back a few weeks before). As we’re leaving the house, it started to pour. My first words out of my mouth was “really? Our first half has to be in the pouring rain?” To which my boyfriend responded, “calm down Christy, we still have time for it to stop.”

We got to Newton South High 30 minutes before the race started which for me, is late. I’m one of those people that I have to get to the race early then I complain about how we’re just standing around not doing anything. My boyfriend and I found my mom (she always comes to our races to take our pictures-even when it means she had to get up at 5am on a Sunday!) then we got in line for the porta potties. Side note-having only 20 of them at the start for 1500 people was a bit sad but they redeemed themselves by staying true to their word and having water and porta potties every 2 miles. So, we ended up running to the start since it took us the full 20 minutes in line so starting my first half off rushed was not how I had planned it. But we got into our groove and off we went along with everyone else.

Thankfully, it stopped running as the race started (yay!). Throughout the whole course, there were plenty of photographers and random people cheering us on-and cow bell, as my boyfriend says, “every race needs more cow bell”.

Just about every intersection/cross street had a cop there to help with cars. Only once did we have to stop at a large intersection and that was only for 15 seconds. All the water stops had plenty of volunteers and water/Gatorade.  

All the reviews about the course being hilly and challenging were right! There were hills-the worst one was right around mile 7.5 but we got up it and the view was well worth it. Plus we knew after that, we wouldn’t have anything else as bad as that one.

Nothing major happened from the start til mile 7-it was pretty easy sailing. It wasn’t til mile 7 that the world decided to make the run a bit harder.

Right around mile 7 I stepped in a puddle AND almost twisted my ankle and hurt my knee. I imagine myself doing an AWESOME near fall but saved myself at the end when in reality; it probably was one of the most ungraceful things anyone around me probably ever saw. But hey, I didn’t fall or twist my ankle and after another quarter mile, my knee was better. And of course I was wearing New Balance shoes that hadn’t been wet yet so I was probably asking for that puddle.

Around mile 9.75 or so, there was a guy on the side with a Husky dog. Of course my boyfriend knew I would take a small detour and pet the dog (luckily for me, the owner and dog were nice so they didn’t mind). After my 5 second detour, off we went to round a corner and realize, wow! We’re getting closer to the finish!

At mile 11.25 I saw one of my co-workers and it gave me a push that I needed since that’s when I realized how annoying my used to be wet now dry sock had become. (Body Glide-how can I ever let you know how much I love you!)

I had been telling my boyfriend since mile 11 I had no final push in me, I wasn’t going any faster at the end. I even said it was we were running around the school and people were saying right over that hill is the finish. But somehow, we got to the point where I saw the finish and my body somehow found energy. I told my boyfriend I was going to run, was he ok with that? He said sure thinking I wasn’t going to go fast. Well, I thought I’d just run a  little faster but nope, my body decided it wanted to SPRINT to the finish. So of course my boyfriend not wanting to lose to me sprinted too and beat me. Which resulted in a great crossing the finish line photo that my mom got of us both smiling-although I think it was after I had just yelled at him saying “I hate you for beating me”.


Not the best picture of our medals but I refused to take it off until I got home.

By no means did we break any world records but we did do it faster than we expected and since from the start of the race I felt like the world was against us, I think we did pretty well. We beat what we wanted to do for our first half.  We finished 1073 and 1074 out of 1206 (according to the website the day after the race).

There was also great food after the race-Whole Foods was a sponsor and they

 Would I do The Chilly Half again? There’s a pretty good chance I would-it was well thought out, it was pretty and it was a great first half-even with the hills! So there is a good chance that we’ll be there again next year. In reality, I don’t think I could have asked for a better half. The weather ended up being nice, it was a cool morning that turned a bit warmer and since it is New England, we could have technically had snow and we didn’t. So there’s a 95% chance, I’ll be back at the Chilly Half next year :)

photo 1

Until til next time,


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