Fresh Foam 980 Review time!

It’s been about a 3 weeks (February 12th was their drop date) so it’s review time!!!  I’m always happy when a new shoe comes out-especially if it’s from New Balance (I won’t deny it, I’m a New Balance girl at heart if you hadn’t been able to tell yet!)  I typically have a lovingly funny nickname for all the New Balance shoes-before these came out and I saw the picture, I had already decided they were the “Honey Comb” shoe.

NB honey comb

The real reason behind the “honey comb”? If you look closely at the above picture (or come into the store to see them), you’ll notice that at the heel the “combs” are larger and spread out a bit more while at the toe box, they’re smaller and closer together, it’s set up like that to show you that the cushioning is there . (and let’s be honest, it looks pretty cool!)

I was excited to try them out when they arrived at the store-I took them out of the box, tried them on and fell in love within seconds! My first thought when I put them on was that the toe box felt a bit smaller than usual (at least for what I’ve come to expect from New Balance) but after a quick run on the treadmill with them, I didn’t notice it at all and my feet were comfy and had space to move.  I think what I first felt was the no sew upper that the Fresh Foam 980 has.

Now for the technical  stuff for all of you that can understand that (I’m trying and getting better I promise!) Fresh Foam 980 has a natural 4mm heel to toe drop. The weight for the men’s is 8.82 oz and 7.27 oz for the women’s.

Fresh Foam 980 is a nice light weight shoe, with an ultra plush cushioning-perfect for being on my feet every day! And even though I need more stability, I may give them a go for a quick treadmill run every now and then.  If you’re looking for a light trainer that will over more cushioning that what you’re training in now, stop by the store and try them out!

Tell me your thoughts on New Balance Fresh Foam 980!

NB 980

Signing off for today,


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