It’s review time! New Balance 860 V3

Hey, it’s me again! Your trusty reviewer at GBRC-Hingham, Christy.

Nothing is better than being able to take a pair of shoes out of the box, lace them up and run out the door and go for a long run without having to worry about blisters or any type of pain. That’s one of the reasons why I love my New Balance 860’s.

Which is why I have 3 pairs right now and am planning on getting a 4th. My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy but since I’m training for a half in November, I need to make sure I have the best shoes and I just can’t part with my first pair yet even though they’re past their “expiration date”-don’t worry, I’m not running in them anymore! There’s nothing worse then running one morning in the rain and finding out the shoes haven’t dried out by the next morning! Hence, why I have a pair for the rainy/wet runs.

I found New Balance 860 this past May. I put them on and they felt amazing, I couldn’t wait to get out for a run! Nothing hurt when I went out the next morning-no pain in my feet, arches, anywhere! They truly are the best thing about my run. Some people say that they feel heavy-I don’t agree. Yes, there’s a lot of shoe to them if you’re comparing them to say the New Balance 1400 but you need and get more shoe when you’re getting into the stability category.

If you look at their website, New Balance, says the 860 is “the go to shoe for over-pronators” I would agree 100% with that! I’ve tried other shoes before and since running in New Balance and they just don’t feel right anymore. They fit my foot perfectly-not too loose, not too tight.

I’m hard on my shoes (fine, I’ll say it-I run heavy, especially if I get tired or push myself too fast)and these guys hold up amazing well! They don’t wear down fast like some shoes can. And the heel support is wonderful-which is very important to me since I’m a heel striker.

The 860 runs true to size-so you don’t need to go up or down from your regular running shoe size. Try them out, you’ll love them!

Sometime later this year, New Balance is coming out with the 860 V 4-and don’t you worry, I’ll be grabbing a pair as soon as they arrive and taking them out for a test run! I won’t let anyone down and will do a review on my thoughts after-I’m told they’re not changing anything about the structure of the shoe so I’ll be sure to let you all know!

-Christy Littig, your trusty blog reviewer and store manager running extraordinaire!




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