Just in time for the Holidays-we have The Loop by Polar!

Just in time for the Holidays (ok, maybe a bit early but who doesn’t like getting an early gift or a gift because you finished your Holiday shopping-or started it!)

We have The Loop by Polar! It’s a great little gadget for people who like a new toy,  want something to help them to remember to get moving (I for one know a couple people that would love it since they work a desk job!) Whatever your reason, it can be justified!  Not only will it tell you the calories you’ve burned per day, give you guidance on how to reach a goal you’ve set, the steps you’ve taken,  it also tells you the time.

If you’re a graph person (like half the people here at GBRC-Hingham!) you’ll love that you can get reports that track your progress as well as it’ll sync to your Iphone (anything 4s and higher). To get more info, check it out on Polar’s page and then come into the store to get yourself a little gift!

Keep an eye out for a review in the next few weeks-the manager at GBRC-Hingham may be getting herself a gift 😉


the loop

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