Long awaited…review time!

Hello lovely readers! I know, I know, it’s been awhile since I gave you all a review. The Holidays and New Year came out of nowhere! But I’m back, with yet another review. On something I thought I’d never like…running tights.

I’m short…5 foot 3 on a good day (or if I’m wearing my Hoka’s) and I could never find tights that fit me because of that and the zipper. I’d get that weird scrunch at the heel where the zipper would get uncomfy. Then the Nike Pro HyperWarm Tight came into my life! Well, technically it came into my store, then into my life 😉

I tried them on after looking at them for awhile one day when I knew the next day would be a freezing run. I fell in love at first try on! They were so warm, cozy and comfy I didn’t want to take them off! They don’t have any zippers which was the reason I tried them on in the first place. And the band at the top is amazing! That even feels like it’s fleece lined (although it’s not). Don’t be scared! It may look like the old school dig into you waist band but it’s not! It’s the total opposite. I love these things, I wore them for one of my half marathons when it was 9 degrees with a feel like temperature of -4. My legs were nice and warm! I ended up buying a second pair so I have one to run in and one to wear when I just want to feel all cozy.

They run true to size and they are about an inch or so under my belly button (mine are a bit higher up than the model in the picture below)-according to Nike’s website, you can use them to layer under something (which I’ve done) but I mainly use them as one layer. You seriously can’t go wrong with these! Stop by and try them out!

Signing off,

your Nike Pro Tight wearing GBRC-Hingham store manager,


Picture: top left: inside of my pants to show off the fleece, bottom right: top band, right side: picture from Nike’s website (I wasn’t about to model them, sorry!)



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