Prana Prism Capri Legging Review

The Prana Prism Capri Leggings are perfect for runners of any distance! The Chakara performance fabric (the material that the capris are made of), is comfortable enough for a runner, no matter how long of a distance you’re aiming for. You can be assured the capri will fit and stay tight to your body. The leggings are also perfect for every day wear, as well as a great pair to wear lounging around the house! On first try, you’ll find that they fit a little higher than most capris, but once you wear them for a bit, you’ll forget that and just notice how comfortable they are! They come in a lot of different colors, not just black or charcoal but also my favorite, scarlett!

Check out Prana’s website to see the different colors as well as a short video of someone wearing these pants doing a few stretches so you can get an idea of how much they move with you.

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Shannon D





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