Race Recap-the Wild Rover Series

I know, I know. I’m sorry! It took me longer than I wanted to get my race recap of the Wild Rover Series up-ugh! But I’m here (finally!) with it. Trust me, it’s ok, wait til you see the pictures!! I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, you NEED to do this series! It’s amazing. And I mean the whole series, don’t just do 1 of the races cause you’ll kick yourself for not having all 3 medals!

First up-the Frozen Shamrock 3 Miler at Archie’s Little Ale House in Haverhill, MA. Perfect weather this year (last year it was rescheduled til April).  I liked this course, not my favorite of the 3 but not my dreaded one. This year, they had the results live with meant if you went upstairs at Archie’s after the race, you could see your results pretty much 15 minutes after you finished (depending on time of course). Honestly, it confused me-they didn’t have it done by time-I believe they said it was on your finishing time but it didn’t look like it. Maybe next year when I realize I have to listen to them at the start line I’ll pay attention and it’ll make more sense. I did like how you could go to the website after, click the live results link and it sowed you all your stats together-including what you did last year. This is my least favorite start-especially with all the snow we pretty much had a bottle cap right from the start. Nothing major but enough to make it so my first mile was almost a full minute slower than normal and planned. They call this one a loop with mixed flat and hills-which I agree with. All in all, I was happy-plus I PRed from last year by over 2 minutes!

Next up, Claddugh Pub 4 Miler in Lawrence, MA.  I like this course-well, other than the hill at the middle. At least this year I was ready for it and it wasn’t a surprise. I also like how at the turnaround, the first runners come back by-sometimes I don’t like it but maybe it’s the energy that’s given off from them that gets me ready for the hill we’re about to hit. I do wish that they would change where the water stop for this one is. It’s right at the hill and it’s typically just a small card table, not one of the larger ones, the small one where you get volunteers that as much as they try, they can’t keep up with the demand of the runners. Course wise-it’s pretty. I don’t mind the end but I know some people do. You pretty much run behind the finish line and go back around to where the start was before you finish. I like it cause you get the crowd cheering and the most people. Plus it’s an easy place to remember ok, time to hit it into gear! I also PRed on this course as well.

And lastly, my favorite race! The Hynes Tavern 5 Miler in Lowell, MA. Pretty start forward and easy to get to. The start is at the bottom of a hill which I myself love! I do a lot better going up hills than I do down. That’s pretty much the biggest hill, other than another 2 small ones around the halfway point. We go over a highway which is great cause cars all beep their horns which for some reason, always makes me smile. This year, the only bad thing I have to say about the Hynes 5 Miler is that the mile makers were way off. My Garmin and my boyfriends’ (as well as everyone’s around us) went off at each mile but then we’d have to go almost another ¼ mile before the sign was there! It was very annoying at the end since I wasn’t sure if they had changed it and I had issues figuring out exactly when to kick my butt into gear at the end. I did PR this course as well (by about 3 minutes) but I missed the goal I had in mind by 3 seconds. 3 seconds! Ugh At least I know there is always next year!

 (Check out their website for course maps to see what I was referring to).

Your happy PRing manager from the Wild Rover Series,


All the medals from the Wild Rover Series. Top left: Frozen Shamrock 3 Miler Medal, top right: Claddagh Pub 4 Miler Medal. bottom left: Hynes 5 Miler Medal, bottom right: all medals put together (it’s HUGE! It’s a lot bigger than last years-I love it!)

WRS medal 2014

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  1. Mary Littig says

    Great report but I think you need to add that the only reason you did not achieve your goal at the Hynes race is because you and Marc stopped to help a fellow runner who was on the ground!! You took the time to help him up and make sure he was all right. If you had not done that, you would have made your goal and then some. Of course in my eyes, this make you both total winners :)

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