RunThisTown 5K training group recap

I know everyone’s been waiting and waiting for this recap! Sorry it took a few days but here it is!

Below is a picture of all of us (except Stephanie-stupid crowds!) before the race started. It was a bit windy but it warmed up, the sun came out right before the start! And honestly, anything was going to feel warm compared to some of the negative temps we had been training in! Sprits were high! The race started about 10 minutes late and by then, we were all anxious to start.



I never ran the Marshfield 5K before…it was set up nicely but the only thing that I would have found annoying if I was trying to PR this one, was how the walkers didn’t have their own seperate spot. It made it a bit annoying to to try to stay with the group and make sure there was enough room for everyone so they didn’t get lost in the crowd. It was nice that they had a place to park a few miles away and buses that were almost always there or on their way at least, to pick everyone up. Definitely a plus!

All in all though, the race was nicely set up-although looking back I don’t remember seeing any mile markers but that could have just been me. And not a huge make it or break it since I had my Garmin.¬†The water stop was good. They had 3 small¬† tables set up which was a nice change of pace from the typical 1 table that everyone is crowded around.

The group did amazing! I couldn’t have been more proud. Everyone finished with smiles on their faces! Stephanie finished even after battling an achilles problem the few days before the race, Pat finished even though she hates the cold (and that wind was horrible!), Donna finished even though she had doubted her abilities before (and with a time she should be proud of!) Jay finished with an AMAZING time, and Erin finished a whopping 10 minutes FASTER than her time last year! Talk about a PR!

In a few weeks, their picture will be added to the Wall of Fame at the store.

Your proud GBRC-Hingham manager and coach,


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