Sunday Runday-review on a race

Hey there! Happy Monday afternoon, it’s your favorite GBRC-Hingham store manager again! Remember when I was posting about why you should run the Wild Rover Series? Well, here’s an article on the first race that happened yesterday in Haverhill, The Frozen Shamrock 3 Miler from the Eagle Tribune.

I for one, was not disappointed in this race. Last year was my first year running the Wild Rover Series and I was hooked from the first race! Below is a picture of the medal from this race as well as a before and after of my boyfriend and I and the bottom picture is taken from the Wild Rover Facebook page pictures of my boyfriend and I (I promise we’re in that mass!) running at the beginning of the race.


There were bag pipes at about mile 1 and 2.5 or so, and I don’t know about you, but bagpipes make any race better-especially an Irish themed one!

The weather this year was AMAZING-which was a nice surprise since last year it was moved to late April due to a snow storm. The snow melting did make for a bit of a wet run and a bigger bottle neck than usual at the first turn (which also happens to be right around the point where the picture I put from Wild Rover Series is taken). The volunteers again were great, the traffic was fine since there were again plenty of cops to let us go through lights and turns.

Because of where it’s held (Archie’s Little River Ale House) there’s plenty of parking near by (lots and parking garages) as well as a fairly large room upstairs where you get your bibs and any other cool swag they had on sale this year. It’s easily marked, there’s a few bathrooms upstairs and they have plenty of porta-potties outside. Which let me tell you, was like an event in itself since they put them out the day before and had them on snow then said snow melted so anytime you moved, it was almost like a balancing act!

Check back next weekend for my thoughts on the 2nd race-which still has about 50 or so bibs left if you want to join the fun!

Signing off to go strength some more after my long run this morning,


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