January RunThisTown Beginner Runner Training Program!

Train for your first 5K with GBRC!   RUNTHISTOWNfinal (2)

Thursday, January 2 – Sunday, March 30:  An Ras Mor 5K

Receive personalize coaching & mentoring and enjoy the motivation, accountability, and fun of a group setting!

At the first session on January 2, you’ll meet with Coach Rachel for a personal assessment.  You’ll receive a training program based on your current ability level and your goals.  You’ll have personal contact with Coach Rachel via email whenever you need it!    We know that sometimes life gets in the way, so even if you need to miss a class, you’ll have your training schedule emailed to you so you can complete the workout on your own and Coach Rachel will be available to answer any questions.

Class meets:

Tuesdays @ 10AM:  Run w/GBRC Staffer

Thursdays @10AM:  Session with Coach Rachel

Saturdays @9:30AM:  Group run from the store w/GBRC Staffer

Location: GBRC Newton 1229 Centre St. in Newton Centre

The program goal is the An Ras Mor 5K in Cambridge on March 30.

Register in store or call us at (617) 340-8652

Program cost: $50 includes free t shirt, socks & swag!

It’s hard to find a better place to run than Newton!  We’ve got the Reservoir, Cold Spring Park, & the Boston Marathon course!  Run this town with us!

Questions?  Email RGlazer@run.com or Newton@run.com for more info.

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  1. Andrea McFadden says

    For the beginner runner training program, are participants supposed to participate in all classes? Or would I attend one session a week?


    • Greater Boston Running Company says

      Hi Andrea,
      We encourage runners to attend at least 2 classes per week. But we understand that sometimes life gets in the way so if some weeks that’s just not possible, it’s okay. You’ll receive a schedule of workouts you can complete on your own and you’ll always have access to Coach Rachel via email if you have any questions. We hope to see you!

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