Local Runs: Battle Road Trail / Minuteman Historical Park

At nearly five miles of soft crushed gravel and packed dirt, theĀ  “Battle Road” trail system is arguably one of the best trail systems in Massachusetts. This trail system, which runs through the Minuteman National Historical Park, follows not only the path that Paul Revere road, but also the path British soldiers took at the Beginning of the American Revolution.

Steeped in history, this trail offers a welcomed respite from the monotony of urban running. Consisting of mild rolling hills, and gradual graduation elevation change, the Battle Road is a a fun challenge. Footing is easy as the trail is well worn, yet excellently maintained by the National Park Service. The path is wide enough that you can run easily with a partner or two. In total, the Battle Road runs approximately 5 miles, and it is possible to add on a couple more at the end – head towards Concord Center to the left at the Meriam’s house for 1.5 to 2 additional miles.

As a nice touch, historical markers and park signs are interspersed along the route, and several historical houses are scattered. During the spring and summer, reenactments and historical tour guides may be seen giving presentations.

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Remember that the Battle Road is part of a National Park System! Be responsible stewards of history, and use common sense when using the trail. (Ie. don’t disturb groups of walkers, don’t litter, have fun).

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