Marine Corps Marathon Recap

941492_10152175432402787_351878816_nOur favorite Community Outreach Coordinator, Caitlin S, completed the 2013 Marine Corp Marathon this past weekend. She took some time recently to reflect on her running experiences in the nation’s capital.


How were the conditions?

It was on the cool side and the sun came about at the end. I kept my warm warmers on.  Better too cool than too hot!

How was your pacing?

I ran the early miles a little too slow….and then the middle miles a little too fast. I wasn’t looking for a PR, just a fun day on course and I got it!

How was the environment?

I had heard a lot about how unique this course is. It was beyond anything I expected. The Marines lining the course, the brass bands playing, the enthusiastic crowds, a perfect day of sight seeing in DC.  There was so much stuff going on all the time!   My favorite part was the military helicopters that swept in low over the course.  I kept thanking Marines along the way and at the finish.  I still can’t believe they do all this for a bunch of runners when they’re the ones serving our country.

Would you run this again?

I’d love to.  It was a great experience.

 What was your best memory of the weekend?

The whole atmosphere – the helicopters, the Marines, the patriotism and celebration and the no-frills dedication everyone had.

Everyone was so friendly.  A race with 30,000 runners means you’re going to wait in some lines, but everyone seemed to just use that time to make new friends.  I also ran into  a few of our Greater Boston Running Company customers on my plane, at the hotel and at the expo!

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