Top 10 Non-Running Reasons to Own a Headlamp

Top 10 Non-Running Reasons to Own a Headlamp

by John Raveling, Store Manager


1. Plumbing – Ever tried to fix or install a faucet holding a flashlight in one hand or in your mouth while turning a wrench with the other?   Imagine plenty of light with both hands free!

2.  Reading in bed – gone is the phrase “turn out the lights so I can go to sleep.”  Now you can read in bed all you wish.

3.  No more stubbing your toes – Stubbed your toes while holding a candle in one hand and shielding the light so it does not go out? Now you can walk freely around the house with plenty of light to show you the way while you wait for the power to come back on.

4.  Camping – This one was too diamond headlamp

5.  Cycling – See and be seen.

6.  Dog toy – No, not to chew. Take your light out at night, flash it on the ground and watch your dog chase it around trying to catch the light. Hours of fun for the whole family!

7:  Surgical light. Perfect lighting for digging out splinters or lancing blisters.

8: Communication device. Communicate through Morse Code with your friends.

9:  Car break down emergency device. Fixing flats are made easy when you have good visibility. And the light helps alert other motorist of your presence.

10:  IT’S JUST SO COOL!!!!!!

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