Make Running A Family Affair!

How to Get Kids into Running


Here at GBRC we love helping runners & walkers of all ages and abilities find the right shoes & gear, but nothing brings a smile to our face like when kids come in and tell us how much they love running.   We were thrilled to see this fantastic article in Runner’s World by Jenny Hadfield about how to introduce your kids to running & instill a life-long love of fitness & wellness.

A couple of tips from the article:

  • Create a goal together (e.g. a fun 5K, like the Color Run) and train with her. 
  • Walk for five minutes at the start and finish of the run and include some stretches at the end. 
  • Let her guide the sessions by her breath and how she’s feeling, and start with time rather than distance. Run until she can hear her breath; walk until she catches it. 
  • Start slowly — a 10-minute session may not seem like much for us, but for an 11-year-old who hates running, it is a lifetime! 
  • Gradually build up the time on your feet to 15-20 minutes (and longer if you’re training for that 5K).
  • Create a chart that you both can complete with fun stickers or stamps when you complete training sessions up to your target goal (5K). Keep track of the distance, time, and how she feels in the chart so she can see the progression over time.
  • Celebrate with a special reward after the event (dinner at her favorite place).


Read the entire article here!

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