New Year’s Day PARTY!


Visit any Greater Boston Running Company store on New Year’s Day 2015 for snacks, a chance to win cool prizes, and the biggest and best deal of the year.*


*All you have to do is show us your Proof of Sweat:


Show us how you exercised on 1/1/2015 any way you want:  Show us the workout on your watch or GPS watch, show us a selfie you took at the gym or out on the roads, show us your race bib, heck even come in and drop and give us 20 push ups or have a dance party with us in the store!

While you’re here you can also fill out a Resolution Card to make your goals official, learn about our upcoming training programs, and enter a raffle to win ASICS footwear or GBRC branded gear.

New Year’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate health, fitness, and a fresh start.  Spend a part of your day with us and we’ll make it worth your while:  This deal is so good we can’t even write it down!

Store hours on 1/1/15 are 10am-4pm

The group before the big 5-miler tonight

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