Garmin Forerunner 220!

One of the newest edition to the already impressive line of Garmin watches is the Garmin 220. It is the updated version of the Garmin 210 and it an impressive update. Fitst, it now has a high resolution screen. This is very helpful when running at night and you hit the light button as everything is extremely easy to see and visible. Second, it has Pace alert (virtual pacer was a feature only in the Garmin 10) which allows you set a specific pace and it will give you alerts if you are ahead of, on, or behind pace.¬† Third, its battery life will now last you 10 hours in GPS mode which is up from the 6 hours it use to be (for those ultra marathon runners this is very handy.) Fourth, it has a built in accelerometer that tracks your cadence (steps per minute) along with being able to run on the tredmill/indoor track and still track your distance/pace etc. Finally, you are now able to download workouts and training plans on to your watch along with it being Bluetooh Smart (BLE) that will allow for live tracking of your runs (loved ones can track others marathons via the watch now!) All in all, it is an¬†incredible watch and for the price point compared to most watches our there, the Garmin 220 can’t be beat!


Garmin Forerunner 220

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