Product Review: The North Face Winter Warmer Tights

Were your legs cold today??? We can guarantee after wearing The North Face Winter Warmer tights that you will be warm in any kind of weather. Our store manager Pat Fullerton and store employee Bridget Twomey both went outside this morning to run and both of them tweeted about how much they helped during their runs!  What makes these so nice is that they have a great ability to wick moisture away and keep your legs dry while running.  In addition, they are highly reflective (be seen, be safe always) and very flexible which allows you to have a large range of motion while running! Finally and most importantly we believe, is that they are fleece lined which helps immediately when you step out the door on a cold day. In the winter especially, the hardest step is always the first one out the door, and we believe this tight will help any one run better on days when the windchill is in the negatives! Come on down and try them out!


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  1. Greater Boston Running Company says

    These are my favorite tights! So warm and cozy! Warmest & most comfortable tights I’ve ever owned.

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