Product Review: TNF Isotherm Windstopper Jacket

Our best jacket by far that we carry here in the store is the North Face Isotherm Windstopper Jacket. Our store manager Pat Fullerton owns it along with Super Marathoner employee Carrie Wheeler! Both Pat and Carrie have been out braving the elements all month and both agree it is the best investment they have made on a jacket. With a 100% wind proof exterior, the jacket is able to keep you warm under almost any weather condition! In addition, it is water resistant so it can keep you dry in almost any circumstance also which is paramount in the winter. Finally, almost every jacket of its kind is not highly reflective. Well, in this picture by one of our loyal group run members Maryanne MacNeil, you can see that it is as reflective as almost any jacket we carry in the store! So, if you are looking for a jacket that will do everything, TNF Isotherm Windstopper Jacket is the jacket for you!


Isotherm Windstopper

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