Coach Needed: Hiring in Newton for Beginner Training Program

Are you a coach?  Looking to expand your skills and experience?


The Greater Boston Running Company in Newton is hiring for a coach.  The training program at the store ranges from a 5K, 10K or half marathon and the time frame changes accordingly.  The program is waiting to be established by you!

The Greater Boston Running Company is looking for an outgoing, encouraging, enthusiastic runner that wants to bring the joy of running, healthy, strong running to new runners!

Position Requirements:

  • Research race courses that meet the needs and abilities of GBRC runners
  • Create training plans for beginners, intermediate or advanced depending upon the advertised level of group
  • Provide a copy of the GBRC program curriculum for each attendee
  • Research training routes with appropriate mileage and intensity for training group
  • Provide personal attention and coaching for individual questions throughout program dates
  • Promote and recruit attendees throughout the community
  • Work with store manager to promote and market the progress and involvement of current training group through website and social media, ex. Take pictures and write short blog articles for store website
  • Attend and run program sessions twice or three times per week on a consistent basis
  • If the coach has to miss a session, find and plan for coverage in advance
  • Coach the team on proper warm-ups, post race stretches, running form, and core or hip exercises
  • Prepare ahead of time, organize, supervise, and implement the training sessions
  • Manage the distribution and collection of all forms
  • Maintain ongoing communication with Store Manager and relay progress reports about team members
  • Encourage and cheer for all participants
  • Demonstrate and promote the mission of GBRC
  • Be knowledgeable about GBRC products, when needed promote and sell GBRC products as solutions for attendees
  • Attend mandatory GBRC quarterly meetings

If you or someone you know is interested, please apply at, call 617-340-8652 or
email  Ask for store manager Katie Weinmann.

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