Greater Boston Running Company Man

Saturday, March 29th marks the longest training run for many of the Boston Marathon runners.

Boston Marathon

This day will also mark a momentous moment for Boston in another way … they will finally meet the Greater Boston Running Company Man.

I know, I know, you’re probably saying ‘Tell me more!’ and ‘Does he have Super powers?


Yes!  GBRC Man has the Power to Keep you Company on the Newton Hills!  

Yes!  GBRC Man needs to tell you a secret code!

If you see a man with a cape, lots of cameras and screaming girls – don’t worry – it’s not N’Sync, Backstreet or the Biebs.


Also do not worry about trying to find the GBRC Man, he’s out there looking out for you!  The GBRC Man is here to save the day, keep you company, wipe the sweat from your brow …


He’s your everyday, approachable, superhero – Just here to keep you company and make sure everyone is enjoying the run!  #GBRCMan

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  1. says

    See you around 11 provided everything goes as planned! Banging out my first twenty miler… I may need a little cheering up by the time I hit the hills! :-)

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