Meet the Dreamfar High School Marathon Team

Dreamfar High School Marathon Team

GBRC Newton is thrilled to be partnering with the amazing students and mentors of Dreamfar!  Dreamfar’s 2014 team has 100 students from 10 different high schools on board to train for the Cox Providence Marathon in Rhode Island in May.  Dreamfar serves the communities of Newton, Needham, Brookline, Boston, Medford, & Sharon.  In it’s inaugural year in 2007, the program had 9 students from a single school.

About Dreamfar:

Mission:  Challenge high school students to reach their full potential—physically, socially, emotionally, and academically—through a mentor-supported marathon training program.

Vision:  Ensure every high school student in New England has the tools to realize their full potential in school and beyond.

Strategy: Dreamfar High School Marathon (DHSM) helps high school students discover their potential through marathon training.  Students from several schools form one team and train together during the school year, working toward the ultimate goal of completing a 26.2-mile race in Providence, RI.  Under the supervision of a professional coach and with the support of dedicated mentors, the students are asked to run a little farther every week.  Each successful run teaches the value of hard work, commitment, and team support.  As students cross the finish line, they experience the impossible becoming possible.

We look forward to being inspired by the energy and spirit of the 100 student runners and 50 adult mentors and are committed to being a resource for the program participants for training gear, a water stop for after school runs, and of course limitless encouragement and cheering!

Courtesy of Dreamfar

Courtesy of Dreamfar


DHSM Quotes

“This program gave me the opportunity to form a meaningful relationship with an amazing kid.  We supported and drove each other the entire season.  In the end, my student told me he would have never been able to finish the marathon if it hadn’t been for me.  But the truth is, I never would have finished if it hadn’t been for him.”

~DHSM Mentor, 2013

“Dreamfar makes people come face-to-face with struggles and forces you to really think about the person you want to be when faced with a challenge.  It’s in those moments, through our behavior, that we really teach kids about commitment.”

~DHSM Leader, 2011 & 2012

“After training with the Marathon Team, I now look at my challenges and dreams in a new way; nothing seems quite so impossible. The Dreamfar program is in some ways a metaphor for how to be successful in life- when faced with a challenge, break it down into smaller steps. Keep at it and nothing can stop you!  The Marathon Team showed me that putting time, effort, and heart into a goal will help you achieve anything; impossible is nothing.”

~DHSM Student, 2012



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