The February Beer and Pizza run has been scheduled!

Join GBRC on Thursday February 20th at 6:30 pm (get there around 6:15!) for the 3rd ever Beer and Pizza Run!!!

If you are unfamiliar with this event here is the “run” down.

1. Show up to GBRC Newton at 6:15 on Feb 20th ready to run

2. Go for a fun 3,4 or 5 mile run with other avid runners from the area and our staff member

3. Finish your run and come back into the store for FREE beer/cider

4. You can’t have beer without pizza, so make sure to grab a slice of FREE pizza too!

5. After drinking a beer and having some pizza, we will go down to the Craft Beer Cellar for a FREE beer tasting.

6.  After the tasting you get 10% OFF ANY PURCHASE at The Craft Beer Cellar.

Does that not sound like the greatest night of running you’ve ever heard of?

See you then!!!

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