Run THIS Town – What’s your distance?

On Sunday, April 6th, Greater Boston Running Company and Marathon Physical therapy kicked off the Newton Runner’s World Festival training program.

The group of 19 consisted of all types of runners! 

Newton 5K

We had novice runners, ones that have been around the block a couple times, ones that sat out for the last couple years, runners looking to increase speed… and we welcome them all!

We started the morning with quick introductions and found a couple common dominators.

  1. Everyone wants more structure in their workouts
  2. Everyone wants to get back to “it”
  3. Everyone wants new friends  only one lovely young woman admitted this…   Turns out, we’ll all win on #3 whether it’s part of the original goal or not!

On Sunday, we formed three groups based on our distance goals.   Runner’s World is kicking off a big festival in our backyard so we are targeted our traning groups after the 5K, 10K, and Half marathon distance.  photo

The team at Marathon Physical provided some great insight and resources to staying healthy and fit as we approach the nice Spring weather.   As pictured below, Adam Goodrich provided instruction on the stretchy band for hip and quad strengthening.  We (the training group) have a little gem in our pocket and great resource photowith MarathonPT as we undertake the new adventure to train for the Runner’s World festival together!

It was a great first outing for each group. 

Grab your friends, your neighbors, your parents and bring them along to get fit this Spring together!

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