Running Technology, the Needs/ Wants.

Tax Free Weekend: Which running technology is your choice?  tax free

With the big Massachusetts tax free weekend on the horizon, an athletic star like yourself focuses on the best savings purchase: a new running watch or activity tracker.


What is the best option? What are your needs?

In no particular order, here are the usual suspects of wants/ needs in a running watch.

  1. Pace – I’m running, but how fast or slow am I traveling? The pace feature on a watch is a great tool to help provide a reference for daily training. The pace feature also can align your training goals and performance so you’re pushing a little bit harder each mile to achieve a certain PR (personal record).
  2. Distance – Gone are the days of mapping out your mileage with your parents and car. You can run till your heart is content and your watch will let you know when it’s time to turn back!


  1. 3. Time – If your training plan or demanding schedule is based on 30 minutes of running, a watch can also give you the total time of your workout.



  1. Interval Timing – A great feature to spice up your training runs and bring focus to each burst of running. Whether you’re starting out or aiming for big races, the interval timing feature can improve and simplify your training. Run for 2 minutes, walk for 30 seconds OR run at 10K pace for 3 minutes and race pace for 6 minutes. Available with TomTom Runner Cardio, Run x20 Timex, and Garmin Forerunner 225.


  1. 5. Heart rate – Train in your optimal zone with built-in Heart Rate Monitors – select models: TomTomSport Runner & Multi-Sport Cardio, Garmin Forerunner 225 include wrist-based heart rate monitors


  1. Autopause – Do you run around Boston with street lights every couple blocks? Your pace is averaging under 9 minutes and then all the sudden the graph drops because you forgot to hit pause or restart!   Autopause is a nice feature of certain Garmin watches.

If you have further needs/ wants, feel free to check with a Running Specialist at GBRC. We can get you moving, tracking your runs, and seeing the improvement of the months of running!

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